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Gites takes the necessary care in the processing of personal data with respect for everyone's privacy. The user hereby grants permission for the processing of personal data obtained by Gites through the website.

Gites has to obtain user information, including address, bank and payment details as well as the content of relevant conversations via the website for the execution of the services. This information is used by Gites for the following purposes:

  • the execution of the agreement(s), including the provision and billing of Gites services;
  • dealing with bookings and giving out information about its progress;
  • informing about Gites products and services;
  • providing data to third parties based on legal obligations;

Furthermore Gites records data (including used IP address) in order to compile usage statistics and security of the website.

Gites use cookies on its website that are stored by the user's browser on his computer. Cookies are used in the search process and the booking process to store information about user search and bookings. The visitor can choose to set their browser to not receive cookies while visiting Gites. In that case it may happen that the user can not use all features of the website or that he has no access to parts of the website.

If the visitor would like to know what information Gites has recorded about him or if he wants to change his data or have his data deleted, he may consult his account and modify or contact the Gites helpdesk or [email protected] for further information.