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Rebooking guarantee for tenants

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus we live in an uncertain time, also for holidays it has major consequences. We wish you a lot of strength no matter how you are affected by the spread of the virus. Currently, car traffic to France is limited due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please make sure you stay informed of all travel advice.

Canceling is often not an option

Many cancellation insurance policies do not pay if you cancel due to a pandemic, so you would have to pay the costs if your holiday cannot continue. That is why we want to give you the opportunity to reschedule the holiday if your holiday cannot continue: the rebooking guarantee.

Rebooking guarantee

In order to continue bookings and rental as well as possible, we have introduced the Rebook Guarantee. What does it mean?

  • The rebooking guarantee only applies to participating landlords

    See here the list of houses that participate.
    The advertisement of the house also clearly states a Rebooking Guarantee if it participates.
  • When entitled to the rebooking guarantee

    You are entitled to the rebooking guarantee if one of the following measures applies as a result of COVID-19:

    1. On the day of departure, France may not be entered for holiday purposes for residents of the country where you live.
    2. On the day of departure, the country where you live may not be left for holiday purposes.
    3. On the day of departure, a transit country may not be crossed for holiday purposes and an alternative itinerary cannot reasonably be asked of you.
  • Validity

    The rebooking must be made as soon as reasonably possible and the new booking must be made within twelve months. The end date of the rebooked holiday may be no later than twelve months after the end date of the original trip.
  • To which bookings does the Rebooking Guarantee apply?

    The rebooking guarantee applies to all bookings, both the bookings already made and the bookings that you make now, at the participating houses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do not all houses participate in the rebooking guarantee?

Gites is not the landlord of the houses. The landlords are free to make their own assessment. It may also be that a landlord has not yet decided whether to participate. If you have a question at a specific house about this, ask the landlord directly.

When do I know if I can make use of the Rebooking Guarantee?

We can only determine shortly before departure if the holiday cannot continue. As a rule of thumb, we make a decision no later than three days before departure and as soon as possible.

What to do in case of a price difference?

If the new booking has a different price, you should discuss with the landlord how to settle it.