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What to do in Normandy? Normandy is one of the most popular holiday destinations. Normandy has beautiful nature, beaches and there are a lot of fun activities to do. We’ve curated 5 fun things to-do's in Normandy in this blog.


Visit the Etretat cliffs

In the southern part of the region Haute-Normandy you find the popular village Etretat. The village is known for a protruding chalk rock that resembles an elephant. You can reach the top of the rocks via a road alongside the coast. You can enjoy the amazing views from there. Next to enjoying the amazing view, it is possible to sail a small boat between the rocks when it is high tide. When it’s low tide, you can even walk there. This makes Etretat one of the must-see’s during a holiday in Normandy.

If you don’t like crowds, go there early.


Mudflat hiking at Le Mont-Saint-Michel

At the bay of Le Mont-Saint-Michel, you can go mudflat hiking. This is a unique experience. Two times a day the sea is ‘dry’ at the tidal island. You can reach the beautiful, rocky island via a bridge. Do you really want to experience all sides of the island? Contact a guide and go mudflat hiking around the island!


Activity museum La Cité de la Mer

La Cité de la Me is a maritime museum in Cherbourg. The museum is in the cruise terminal of Cherbourg. A fun fact is that it is located right next to the dock where the Titanic made its first stopover in 1912. At the museum, you can even visit the world’s largest submarine, named Le Redoutable. Besides the submarine, you find over 4000 types of fish. The museum is a great experience for all ages!


Climb at Forest Adventure

In Saint-Sauveur-Le-Vicomte you find a huge climbing park. The park has over 9 kinds of different trails, which all vary in height and trail type. There are also mini trails for smaller children, and there is a 420-meter-long rotating zip line that you can descend at high speed. This track is called the Speed-Roll! It is a real adventure for families!


Cycling routes in France: La Véloscénie

Do you like cycling or mountain biking? Then you must cycle at least a part of this exceptional cycle route that crosses France! Le Véloscénie starts in Paris and runs via cities such as Chartres, Alençon and Domfront to Le Mont Saint-Michel. In total, this route is 450 kilometers. This tour leads you to beautiful places in France. You can of course bring your own bike or choose to rent a bike near one of the gîtes.