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Walk the Tour du Mont Blanc: Europe's classic hiking route

You're an experienced hiker looking for a new adventure in the mountains, preferably not too far from the Netherlands. Have you heard of the Tour du Mont Blanc? With this long-distance hiking route, you walk around Mont Blanc in about 10 days. You tick off 3 countries in 1 go, stay in mountain huts and see the most spectacular scenery. And you only have to travel for half a day!

Why is the Tour du Mont Blanc unique?

At 4,808 m, Mont Blanc is Europe's highest mountain and the 11th highest peak in the world. The Tour du Mont Blanc is a route that lets you hike in a circle around the mountain. You will see all kinds of wildlife and walk over mountain passes, through valleys, past glaciers and across land borders to France, Switzerland and Italy. The highest point you reach is 2.665 km. Of course, it will take you longer than 1 day. Along the way, you stay in accommodation of your choice: there are plenty of mountain huts or dormitories where you can also eat. Or you bring a tent and camp in the wilderness! Thus, the tour is a combination of rugged, unique nature, different cultures and cuisines and an adventurous trip!

Exactly how long will the Tour du Mont Blanc take me?

With the full Tour du Mont Blanc, you will walk 170 km and climb at least 10,000 altimeters. On average, people take 10 days for this hike, but it's up to you how you arrange the trip. Thanks to the different starting points, you can also decide to do only part of the hike. Make sure you know what you yourself can do in one day, both in terms of kilometres covered and climbing and descending.

What do I need to know before I go?

The Tour du Mont Blanc is not a route that just anyone can walk. It is a challenging hiking route where the paths are not always clearly visible, you need aids in some places where there is a risk of falling. Besides experience, you need good equipment and the ability to orientate yourself in the middle of nature. If you are planning this hike, also pay attention to what season you will do it in. The best period is from June to September, although there may still be snow in June and July.

Ready to conquer Mont Blanc?