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Holiday to Brittany: 5 must sees

Brittany is a French peninsula. This region is located south of Normandy. Brittany has about 1700 km of coast and a lot of amazing viewpoints. It is known for the rough and wild western-northern coast, whilst the southern side of the region has a lot of peaceful, long sand beaches. One thing is for certain: there is a lot to see! A nice additional fact is that Brittany has about 2000 sun-hours per year, while people might think it is mostly raining.

Are you visiting Brittany for a holiday? Then you might wonder which places you must visit. We have curated a list of 5 must-sees for Brittany.


Visit Fort La Latte

Visiting this impressive fort is definitely worth it! In northeast Brittany, you find Fort La Latte, a beautiful castle built in the 14th Century. The fort is built on clifs which are about 60/70 metres high. Therefore, you get an amazing view. You can get a tour and learn about the history or go on a hike in the surroundings. While walking towards the fort, you are accompanied by plenty of birds and animals.


The buildable wonder Mont Saint-Michel

It is called the Wonder Of The West: Le Mont Saint-Michel. It is an amazing tidal island, which is actually a part of Normandy. Thanks to mother nature, ebb and flow cause extreme differences in scenery. You can walk upon the island by using the bridge, or you can go mudflat walking with a guide. Our best tip? Go during sunset, this makes the place extra special.


Côte de Granit Rose, the Pink Granite Coast

The Pink Granite Coast, or Côte de Granit Rose as the French call it, is a must-see for nature lovers. The name originates from the reddish glow on the 300-year-old granite rocks. When the sun is shining, it is even prettier. There are multiple hiking routes, which give you an amazing view on the surrounding nature and sea. If you’re into surfing, snorkeling or canoeing, you’re in for a treat at the coast as well. The sea is clear blue and makes for breathtaking scenery.


Shopping in Rennes

Rennes is Bretagne’s local capital in the inland of the region. It is known as a student town with a lot of great places to eat, get drinks and go shopping. You can find various fashion boutiques and local delis shops there. The city itself has impressive architecture with a lot of old, historical buildings. Walk alongside one of the rivers or relax at the big park: Parc du Thabor.


Discover Île de Brêhat

The island Île de Brêhat is perfect for a day trip. Once you are on the island, you’ll be blown away by the gorgeous nature with its colourful and diverse plants. Beaches, charming gites, a fort, a lighthouse and especially a lot of beautiful flora and fauna.

Are you visiting Brittany?

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