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Imagine yourself in Hawaii at Plage du Lotu, France

A secluded beach, soft and white sand, bobbing in turquoise water, nothing but peace and nature around you… wouldn't you like to be in such a paradise spot right now? Then we have good news. It might sound like this beach is in Hawaii or Seychelles, but it's much closer! You see, we are talking about a hidden little bay in Corsica called 'Plage du Lotu'. Curious? Read more about this exotic spot soon!

An exotic beach, close to home

Have you always dreamt away at pictures of exotic beaches, but they are too far away to visit? One of the biggest advantages of Plage du Lotu is that it is relatively close to the Netherlands. You can get to Corsica with just a few hours' flight and can even get there by car. That means a cheaper and more eco-friendly trip, and easier to take your children with you. And a holiday in Corsica does not require you to take vaccinations or to take time differences into account. Plus, you can enjoy authentic French food!

Activities at Plage du Lotu

Do you love all-day swimming, resting and baking in the sun? Then there is no better place than this beach. It is completely secluded. There are no villages, buildings or resorts in sight and the nearest car park is a 45-minute walk away. It is even easier to visit the bay from Saint-Florent by (taxi) boat. That it is so deserted means you can spend a whole day swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, bobbing and lazing around. So don't forget to bring a book, parasol and some food!

Also beautiful in Autumn

Like most beaches, Plage du Lotu is worth a visit in the warm months. In Corsica, this is the period from around May to October, when it is already 20 degrees Celsius or warmer. Planning to visit the beach by (taxi) boat from Saint-Florent? Then check when they can be booked, they may not sail all year round!

Ready to pack your gear and visit this paradise beach?