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Relaxed holidays

Need to get away from it all and unwind after the summer holidays? Thanks to the beautiful nature and picturesque villages, it is possible to completely let go of the hectic pace of everyday life in France. In this article, we give tips on the best places to relax.

Relaxing on the beach

Overlooking the sea or a lake and enjoying the sound of lapping water. Doesn't that sound like the perfect, relaxing holiday? In France, it is even still possible in September and October. If you book a holiday home by the Mediterranean Sea (or) in the provinces of Provence or Languedoc-Roussillon during this period, you will return home fully rested.

Unwind in a rural area

Whether you want to stay just over the Belgian border, or close to Spain: you will find rural areas and tranquillity everywhere in France. Ariège in the Pyrenees offers plenty of greenery, beautiful mountain peaks and old villages where no one lives in a hurry. A quiet natural park in central France is Livradois-Forez. Here you can hike in silence, read books and play word games. Other recommended rural areas are Brenne, Cantal and Vosges-du-Nord.

Clean air in a hilly area

If you prefer to take your bike or hiking boots into the hills, France is literally a land of plenty. Hills and mountains can be found everywhere, offering the most beautiful tours, views, waterfalls, nature and villages. It's best to choose a suitable location based on travel distance and climate.

Staying at a vineyard

Do you really relax with a glass of wine at a terrace? In France, you can rent cottages for two people at numerous vineyards. For example, in the Dordogne, Lotet Garonne, Centre-Val de Loire or Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regions. Here you can also go on beautiful walks and visit nearby villages.