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When you think of romance, you think of France. For example, strolling along the Seine, hanging a lock on the Pont de l'Archevêché and then throwing the key into the river as a sign of eternal love. But besides Paris, there are so many other beautiful places in France where you can celebrate love!

For example, consider the area around Versailles and the Loire region with its palaces, castles and associated gardens full of flowers, fountains and butterflies. Or Provence where you can hop hand in hand through the lavender fields (keep the farmer in mind!). If you prefer to relax: put down your blanket for a delicious picnic among the vineyards in Burgundy or near beautiful Bordeaux. At Mont Saint-Michel you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. Just like the impressionists, enjoy the beautiful light that makes your great love just that little bit more beautiful (as if that were possible!).

Fancy a romantic road trip? Rent a 2CV and drive past flowery villages, the 'villages fleuries', or the 'plus beaux villages de France', the most beautiful villages. You will pick up the most wonderful memories along the way!

Road trip, or rather water trip? Get into a canoe together and sail on meandering rivers such as the Allier, Tarn and Cèze. Rent a house boat for a tour of the Canal du Midi.

Are you going for it all the way? Be the prince and go on horseback through the wooded hills of the Dordogne or the mountains of the Pyrenees. For more relaxation, choose a holiday home on a vineyard, a farm or a house with a rich history. You can also make beautiful trips by bicycle (or mountain bike) through the vineyards and villages with half-timbered houses in the rolling Alsace.

Imagine reclining on the sun lounger in the garden in the evening, satisfied and content, you can marvel at the shooting stars (especially in August). Would you rather go outside the high season? Then, for example, select a chalet with a fireplace to be cosy indoors together, while the snow paints the landscape outside. Then the epitome of romance: don't say anything to your loved one and book a holiday home now as a surprise! We won't reveal anything ;)