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Vanoise is the New Zealand of France

Have you been dreaming of going on active holidays to the mountains of New Zealand for years? For the same kind of holiday, you can also simply head to France. At Vanoise National Park, in south-eastern France, you'll find jagged peaks, clear lakes, hiking trails and more that look a lot like Tongariro National Park in New Zealand. So for the same experience, less expense and a smaller footprint, you can also just take the car and stay in Europe.

Parc National de la Vanoise, what can I do there?

The Parc National de la Vanoise is the glaciated area of the French Alps, with Grande Casse of 3852 m as its highest mountain. On a hike, you can see many different types of stone and rock: a big plus for hikers who love nature. You will also encounter many plant and animal species that you do not easily see in other places, as the park has been protected since 1963. Are you not a hiker but a winter sportsman? Then you can also indulge yourself here: Vanoise is known as the most versatile winter sports area in the world.

What should I keep in mind when travelling to Vanoise?

The national park Vanoise has some 400 km of hiking trails. You can make a hiking holiday to this park as adventurous as you like. It is possible to do an 8-day trek where you walk about 8 hours each day and stay overnight in huts along the way. You can go on organised glacier tours, or use a campsite or cottage as a base and do different walks from there by yourself or with your family. Above all, know what kind of trip you want to make and what the people you go with can and cannot handle.

How do I prepare for such a trip?

Prepare well when going into the mountains. Pay attention to weather forecasts, buy a map with all the treks in the area, take enough clothes, food, drink and hiking gear, keep the details of helplines in your phone and know a few words of French or even Italian.

Ready to go on an adventure in the mountains, but want a bit of comfortable accommodation?