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Visit Saorge, the Nepal of France

Are you a holidaymaker who likes to alternate cultural trips with a jump in the sea, brisk walking and other activities? Then Saorge and its surroundings are an ideal holiday destination for you. This semi-abandoned village is located in a lesser-known area of Provence: Alpes-Maritimes. The town does not only lend itself to a trip to summer. Due to its southern location, it is also relatively warm in spring and autumn. During winter, the area is suitable for winter sports.

The mountains in the Alpes-Maritimes are a bit like those in Nepal, but closer to home.

A little town

Saorge is not the bustling metropolis where you have an adventure on every street corner. It is older than Roman times, built at an altitude of 319 - 2680 m, against a cliff. There are 400 inhabitants, a few sights and 1 bar. The endless views, history, small terraces, narrow alleys and steep mountain slopes are why you travel here. Moreover, these are the reasons why many people compare this place to Tibet or Nepal. In this region, you can make beautiful hikes and visits to the beach or larger cities like Cannes or Menton, making for a versatile holiday.

What can I expect from the Alpes-Maritimes?

'Alpes-Maritimes' means 'sea Alps'. The area has this name because it consists of mountains running from the coast towards inland. This area borders the Ligurian Sea, Italy, and the other departments of Provence. Compared to the rest of Provence, Alpes-Maritimes is more unknown and therefore less touristy. The landscape has many faces. During a visit, expect steep inclines and declines, hairpin bends, cool mountain lakes, interspersed with big cities like Cannes and Nice.

When should I visit this area?

A visit to this area is worthwhile all year round: every season has something to offer. In summer, it is warm and sunny, just as you imagine southern France to be. Even in autumn and spring, temperatures are high enough to enjoy the area. Do you love winter sports? Then, even in winter, this is the place to be.

Are you eager to go on holiday here?