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Taxe de Séjour - Tourist Tax

Gites charges the tourist tax to the tenant for you and remits it to the French government.
It is a legal requirement of the French government that websites that act as financial intermediaries do this.

Who does it apply to

The tourist tax is levied on almost all houses that advertise in the Gites booking model. There are exceptions. The tax is levied locally by municipalities, cooperating municipalities or cities. Tourist tax is not levied everywhere, but that is exceptional. Gites receives a database from the French government with all taxes, depending on location, number of people or classification as Meublé de Tourisme. We apply that to your ad.

Which rates are used

The most important factor for determining the rate is whether your house is classified as a Meublé de Tourisme. If you have a classification, please email it to us at: [email protected]

If your house is classified, the tenant in most cases pays per adult (18 years and older) per night. The amount of the rate depends per location on the number of stars you have received in classification. In general, the more stars, the higher the rate.

If your house is not classified, a percentage of the rent will be charged, related to the number of adults and children. Sometimes the amount is limited to a maximum rate per adult. For both, the department can levy a tax of 10% on the total of the tourist tax.

Furthermore, the department can charge a 10% levy on the total tourist tax, and in some regions the total is further increased by a regional levy of 34%.

You can check which rate applies at the following site: http://taxesejour.impots.gouv.fr/

We ask you to check this every year. It is possible that errors or omissions have crept into the Tax calculation or that the spelling of the name of your town or village is not an exact match with the database. If this is the case, you must report it to us in order to prevent you from receiving an after-tax assessment. In practice, it will be difficult to recover this amount from your renters in retrospect.

Classification of your home as Meublé de Tourisme

A classification such as Meublé de Tourisme is beneficial for your tenants: they pay less tourist tax. However, there are more reasons to have your home classified:

You will receive a substantial tax discount on the tax that you pay on the income from your gîte rental
Your home has been visited and assessed by the French state. This gives you insight into the comfort and security level that your home offers and the tenant the certainty that your home exists
Your classification means that your house will be visible at the Offices de Tourime of your department.
Less tourist tax for your tenant
We recommend that you have your home classified. You can request this via Atout France. An inspection costs approximately € 200 and is valid for 5 years. The level of comfort of your home is checkecd seriously. Depending on this you will get between 1 or 5 stars.
Want to know more? Then visit the website Atout France.

The décision de classement

If your house has been classified, you will receive a décision de classement. This contains your details and the details of the house and the comfort level in stars. If you email us this décision de classement, we will ensure that this is stated on the advertisement and that the calculation of the tourist tax is adjusted accordingly.

If you already have a récépissé but you have not emailed us yet, please send it to [email protected].